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    The author is a product research engineer and writes from his experience and expertise. The Link, Village, Bridge series was written to explore an "astonishing hypothesis," developed by the author, in novel format. The Truly Astonishing Hypothesis, a non-fiction, develops the hypothesis further and comments on Dr. Francis Crick's book The Astonishing Hypothesis and Jeff Hawkin's brilliant book, On Intelligence.     Available January 2015 The Atemporal Particle Theory which will expand on and replace the The Truly Astonishing Hypothesis.

    Comments from readers:

    Very deep and delectable, but not for the uninitiated., September 9, 2012

      I've finished reading LINK two nights ago, and while on my way to the library to return the book, I could not get my mind off the concepts exposed in the book.

      While Mr. Beiswanger is a good story teller, he is not a very accomplished writer, but that holds true for many writers (Charles Dickens, Philip K. Dick, Thomas Harris, etc), so this book is definitely not for the uninitiated literary amateur.   This is only for the elite literary connoisseurs who can endure complex ideas and plots and are initiated in the areas of sociology, developmental psychology, anthropology and a bit of theology.   And I say this as a professional writer, novelist and connoisseur of fine literature.

      The story, while not giving too much of it away, centers around Search International, Inc., and particularly on (George Evans), a corporate scientist who after an accident learns some disturbing and revealing things about memory and the human soul, and how thoughts and memories can in fact be harnessed thanks to the discovery of a memory Particle around which the knot of the novel is centered.

      It is a story very worthy of any true literature enthusiast's library and a must-read for anyone seeking fiction on the dangerous taboo of 'what happens when science steps a little to far into the human soul, to the point of equating the human soul to a subject of scientific observation?'

      An excellent book for a rainy weekend, my favourite kind.

    Great Read. Where Self and God Reside.

      "LINK, by John L. Beiswenger, reads like science fiction, but is based off of theory and science that could be fact.   Much like Michael Crichton, he combines various disciplines of technical knowledge to not only add authenticity to the subject matter, but leaves you thinking about the ramifications of the material if it is indeed true.   The writing style itself is very engaging, and the author uses great imagery in his descriptions to make you feel like you are at the table with the great minds in his book, making the same kind of discoveries.   He also describes the theories in the book, as some of them are rather complex to understand.   The book's subject matter is the very existance of the soul and of God.   It uses science and theory to explain where the spirit resides in our phyical bodies, and the phenomena related to this.   This book will make you think about the existence of God, as well as your own."

    Good Stuff

      "It's a little technical (biologically speaking) at first, but all necessarily so.   You may need some resources to get you through some of that (e.g., biological dictionary), if that's not your background, but this is a thought and soul provoker.   A must read!"


      "Amazing concept. Brilliant.   He is really onto it all works."

    Very interesting

      "Very scientific and reasonable!   I could tell the author has the depth in both scientific and spirititual knowledge!   If you are fighting to find the existence of God, I strongly recommend this book!   It'll open your new perception of spiritual realm..."

    Excellent idea

      "I read the book seven years ago and I was impressed by Beiswenger's basic idea.   At that time I thought it will be an idea that might influence others.   At the end, as we can see right now, I was right."


      "Just finished this book, and I gotta say I LOVED it, loved the idea of going back and reliving ancestral memories.   I recommend this book to everyone."

    Interesting read

      The book is very interesting in its exploration about the human mind having the ability to store memory, going into a machine and traveling into the seeds of memory and re-experiencing things.   This book was released many years ago (and) a few years later a game called Assassin Creed was released, stealing the ideas from this book.   I noticed the reviews (on from 18 April are all angry gamers because the author found out obout the plagarism and is now suing the company.   Dont bother listening to those fake negative reviews.

    Good book

      I liked it, one of the best I have read.   This story principally takes place in the facilities of Search International, Inc.

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