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      Sequential is a logical compilation of the novels LINK and Bridge with added chapters.   It tells the whole story about George Evans, the members of the Search International research team, and his gifted wife, Rachel, in one 489 page novel.   The story begins in the Search International facilities, a research firm near Madison, Wisconsin which George founded. There, a startling accident occurs which leads the research team into a discovery beyond their imaginations, a discovery which could well be considered the most important to mankind for all time.

      The author lets the reader be present alongside the scientists as test subjects are taken back in time to recall ancestral memories, a process key to proving the existence of the atemporal Particle, the fabric of the human soul.   Scientist Anna Pierson is the first to experience the "process."

        "I saw for an instant . . . an image relating to what I was thinking at that moment . . ." Anna paused. "But, I saw it through the eyes of my grandmother!"

      Mathematician Joan Kenney witnesses first hand the brilliance and power experienced by her ancestor, James Otis, Jr. when he delivers his speech to the Massachusetts Provincial Assemby.   Dr. Matthias ben Charash (carpenter or craftsman in Hebrew) is taken back to 26 AD, and you can imagine who he finds there.   Next comes an American Indian named Tom Grey Fox, nicknamed Noah, and he watches his ancestor's sons applying pitch between the planks on a very large wooden ship.   And then you get to meet Willy, a savant with an IQ of 50, deliver a scientist's presentation of Genesis.   You will also watch the Search scientists prove "when a baby is a baby."

      Intrigue enters the plot as competitors, a foreign government, and a special-interest group learn of Search International's remarkable memory-enhancement discoveries.   George Evans wants no more of it and turns Search over to Anna Pierson and LaShauna Jackson. George and Rachel establish specially-designed Villages in Pennsylvania and later in Ohio.   He calls the Search team to Ohio to explain yet another phenomena, and the team concludes:

        "He was never without a body, and yet he was certainly 'dead,' by today's medical definition." "That's part of the problem," said Anna. "Death' has lost its definition."

      New, astonishing discoveries are made causing electronics engineer, Gary Richardson to write a book entitled, The Atemporal Particle Theory.   A state of existence is experimented with which allows two researchers, Gary and Joan, to pass through physical objects and travel great distances in an instant.

        "I don't know how this is possible," he said. "I can touch you." "We just passed through the wall of our home," said Joan, "and you don't know how it's possible for you to touch me?"   "I can probably hold you, kiss you," Gary said.   "Later," Joan said, "Let's go somewhere and get back."   "Where?" he asked.   She pointed to the moon and in an instant they were there.

      Now, anything is possible!

      In the Sequential State, events happen sequentially, but are not (necessarily) spaced by time.   Can one enter the Sequential State at will?   If so, can one affect Temporal State objects as Christ said we could? “Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them."   Mark 11:22-24.   Is it through the Sequential State that such would be possible?   Can one pass through any barrier?   Can one travel great distances above the earth and return in no time at all through the Sequential State?   Well then, anything will be possible!

      Sequential has an amazing theory behind it.   The story may be fiction, but the New Science discovered by the characters is not!

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